Frequently Asked Questions

Truth in Lending Before You Buy?

Redemption Period On Land Contract

Sale Of Joint Ownership Property

Removing Unlawful Occupant Of Property

Sale Of Home Without Permission

Eviction Of Domestic Partner

Termination Of Land Contract

Short Sale Of Property With 2nd Mortgage

Land Contract With Mortgaged Property

Ownership After Death Of Spouse

Closing Void Due To Nonpayment

Tax Sale Of Owned Land

Can A Seller Back Out Of Selling?

Served Eviction Notice By Bank

Timeshare Payoff Problem

Will Spouse's Tax Problems Affect Me?

Seller Not Fulfilling Obligations

Breaking Lease For Relocation

Neighbor Using My Property

Tenant Hasn't Paid For Rental

Prescriptive Easement

Ex-Partner's Name On Deed

Home Seller Changes Mind

Sold Home With Mortgage

Construction Firm Ethical Misconduct

Quit Claim Deed Problem

Husband Has To Sign Mortgage

Questions On Encroachment

Putting Together A Guild

Waiting On Financing

Abandoning Commercial Property

Unable To Sell Home

Assessed Value Dispute

Attorney For Home Closings

Private Road Use

New Owners On Leased Property

False Seller's Disclosure Statement

Home Purchased During Legal Separation

Capital Gains On Selling Home

Piercing The Corporate Veil

Unable To Pay Bills

Continuing Lease Under New Owner

Working From Home

Forged Contract

Appraisal Misinformation

Condo Price Increase

Paid More For Home Than Agreed

Seller Agent Buyer Agreement

Get Deposit Back

Undesirable Rental Conditions

Property Manager Vs. Owner

Prepayment Penalty Legal?

3 Days To Void Contract?

Leaky Basement Misrepresentation

Construction Lien

Land Contract Monthly Payment Limit

Inheritance Agreement

Extended Appraisal Delay

Rights To Contents Of House

Covenant Vs. Warranty Deed

Lease Termination For Safety

Rights Of Junior Mortgage Holder

3 Days To Cancel Contract?

Maximum Apartment Occupants?

License Required For Business?

Can I Sue My Spouse?

Neighbor Owes Us Taxes

Purchase Land By Paying Its Taxes?

Dealer Never Completed Work

Steps After Incorporation

Selling Home Before 2 Years

Life Estate

Have Corporation Shut Down

Clear An Inherited Title

Lessee Removal Of Equipment

Dower Rights

Resell Land Contract?

Long Term Verbal Contract Enforceable?

Ex Living At My Expense

Home Foreclosed In Probate?

Cencel Lease Due To Job Transfer

Investor Lease/Option/Flip Homes

Width To Depth Ratio After Split

Denied Rights To Road Access

House Ownership After Death Without Will

Giving Away Stock Without Bylaws

Contact Mortgage Company After Cancelled Bankruptc

Adding Interest To Late Invoice

Magazine Subscription Fraud

Sold Half Of House Without Knowledge

LLC Package

Establishing An LLC

Property Ownership After Passing Away

Breaking A Lease

Calculating Capital Gains On Second Home

Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption

30 Day Eviction Notice Of Lease

Contract Offer Not Accepted In Given Timeframe

Owner With Rights To Survivor

Improve Homestead Without Affecting Father's Finan

Power Of Attorney

Medicaid Collecting Funds

Can House Be Approved For Occupancy?

Selling Joint Owned Property

Need Easement On Driveway

MLS Listing Negatively Affecting Sale

Promissory Note Collection By Estate

Rented House Landlord Did Not Own

Land Contract Payments

Collecting Construction Costs From Estate

Forfeit Land Contract

Issue With Encroachment Selling House

No "Out" In Buyer Contract

Townships, State Laws And Divisions

Commercial Vs. Industrial Zoning

Construction Contractor Fraud

Business Partner Expelled; Won't Sign Paperwork

Tax Deed To Warranty Deed

Can I Get My Condominium Deposit Back?

Land Contract Seller Remedy

Business Employee Worker’s Compensation Layoff

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