Served Eviction Notice By Bank

Question: We are the tenants of a property that had been foreclosed on, and have been served an eviction notice. What can we do?
We were served an eviction notice from our home in Royalton Township, Michigan, by the bank. We are just the tenants of the building and paying rent to the landlord, who has been in foreclosure since Feb 2005. We signed a month to month lease with the landlord in Sept. 2005. I need some information fast. We do not have the money to move let alone pay for an attorney.

Answer: If the bank now owns the property, there is nothing that can be done under Michigan Law to stop the bank from properly exercising its rights to gain control of the property by a legally filed eviction. However, if you have been paying rent, I would think the bank would be amenable to accepting the payment of rent until they found a buyer. I believe this approach should allow you sufficient time to find a new place and move. Call the bank officer and ask them about paying rent to the bank for a short while.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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