A magazine company posing as another took my bank information and now say that I can't cancel my sub

Question: I was contacted by a company that was selling magazines. They told me that they were the company that I was already doing business with and wanted me to confirm my banking information. I did this after arguing with them over for several minutes. About a week or two later a received my bank statement and noticed that I had two automatic payments made to two different magazine companies. I called the company that I knew had lied to me, and told them I wanted to cancel my subscriptions from them. I was told by them that I couldn't because it was past my 3 day cancellation period. My question to you is, is this legal? I never signed any kind of contract. They told me that by giving them my information over the phone that it was the same as a contract. I would appreciate any information you could give me.

Answer: No it is not legal. I have had to help clients stop actions like this before. First go to your bank and stop any automatic withdrawal rights this company may have claimed. See if the bank will reverse the charges that were made. Secondly, write a very detailed letter to the Michigan Attorney General. They have a very good fraud division that has in the past investigated such claims. They will probably contact the company for you also. Good luck.

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