Paid More For Home Than Agreed

Question: We purchased a cottage in a condo association in Berrien County, Michigan, last December. When we signed the purchase option the price was for $59,900, the sale flyer stated that it was newly remodeled but when we closed they charged us $65,500 stating the additional amount was for remodeling and state/county codes. Is this legal or do we have a case to recover the money?

Answer: The bare facts of what you have told me do not add up. I do not know what jurisdiction you are in, but under any state law, a party must honor a contract as written. If written at $59,900, then the sale must close at that price. I recommend that you see an attorney ASAP. Your rights become more fragile the longer you delay and can be lost altogether. You may have waived your rights by what you signed at closing. Good luck.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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