After putting in a counter offer to an offer on my home, I received no agreement, but am told I am r

Question: I had an offer on my home in Union Pier, MI that I was selling. I put in a counter offer and gave them until a certain date at 5pm to give me an answer. I never did get a signed agreement on my counter offer. Do I have to sell? They are trying to make me sell.

Answer: Under the law of contracts, you appear to have presented an offer that would expire at a specific time. To have a contract, a person must accept the offer as presented without conditions. Since your offer was not accepted on the terms presented within the time frame allowed, the potential buyer let the offer lapse. Accordingly there would be no contract and no obligation to sell. Note, this answer is provided based only on the facts provided. You would have to have the entire set of facts reviewed by counsel to get a definitive answer. Good luck.

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