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Question: After a house fire in Dec.2004, I hired a construction firm from Berrien County, Michigan, to demo the house and build a new one. I have had nothing but problems. Serious problems. A few months ago I decided that I couldn't continue to keep this firm as my builder and retained legal counsel to assist in the separation. I feel that on top of everything else, there is a clear case of ethical misconduct, and I don't have a clue what to do now. I need some advice, although I have to confess the powers that be are taking their toll. I have too much information and too many issues to address in this format, but I'm fairly organized with my paper work and communication with all persons involved. Thank you in advance even if this is not your specialty

Answer: You appear to have had problems with two highly regulated professions/trades in Michigan. You say that your information is well organized. This being the case, I would call the State of Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Growth, Corporations Division, Residential Builders Board,1607,7-154-10557_12992_13953---,00.html This is the web site to check out. I recommend that you call the Builders licensing board and make an appointment to review your problems. It also appears that you may have concerns about the legal counsel that you have worked with. If this is the case, I can tell you that the Michigan Bar Association and the Attorney Grievance Commission takes such claims very seriously. See If that is the case make an appointment to see them also. Good luck with your problems. Also, I would recommend that you retain a lawyer with experience in construction law to help you out.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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