Unable To Pay Bills

Question: Because of the fact that I lost two jobs I'm unable to pay my bills. My income has gone from $102,000.00 to about $22,000.00. I need to know if there is any way I can stop my creditors from continuing to charge me with late fees and huge finance charges.

Answer: If you are unable to repay your creditors, an honest credit counseling service may be able to get the interest stopped and a payment plan for you. If you cannot repay the bills, then filing a bankruptcy may be the only way to proceed. Good luck in this difficult time. Just a couple of stories to keep you going. The interstate highway system had rerouted traffic away from a gentleman's chicken restaurant he had owned and built up over 40 years. He was now in his sixties and about to go financially bust. In his desperation he came up with another idea. He started franchising his recipe. At sixty-five he made his first million. His name, Col. Harlan Sanders, his company, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

An English school teacher was a single mom with her money running very low. She set about writing stories about a young kid named Harry. Her name, J.K. Rowling. Get through this rough patch and keep running.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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