Husband Has To Sign Mortgage

Question: Is my husband required to sign papers for a loan in my name?

I'm refinancing my real estate in St. Joseph, Michigan. I am married, but loan and title of home is in my name. They say my husband has to sign some papers. He signed a Quit Claim Deed two years ago. Is this true? Please let me know as soon as possible...

Answer: Mortgage Lender's often require both spouses to sign the Mortgage when such a loan is obtained. They may or may not require your husband to sign the Note. If you don't want your husband to have his name on title to the property and the lender tries to require that, then I suggest you get a different lender. However, if they just require your husband to sign on the Mortgage that should not be a problem. If you have further concerns regarding the mortgage process or title to your property, I suggest you see a local real estate attorney who can look at the documents and provide you with legal advice. I especially recommend this before you make any change on the title to your real estate.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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