Steps After Incorporation

Question: What are the next steps after forming a corporation?

I have already incorporated my company in Michigan. The problem is I am not sure exactly what to do next regarding the board of directors, bylaws, hiring employees, raising capital and filing taxes. It is an entertainment company that promotes events and sells music to record companies for their creative projects. Please help.

Answer: As you have seen from our website, we assist many clients with forming and operating their business entities. If you have incorporated, you need to form By-laws, have initial minutes drafted for you and have stock issued. We can help you with this. Our fees for incorporation are very reasonable. In the long run, most people would save money by having Attorney prepared legal documents for their Corporations and Limited Liability Company (LLC). We can do this in our office or over the internet. We will provide you a Corporate Questionnaire to fill out and fax or email back to us. Your custom attorney drafted corporate papers would be prepared for you within one week to be signed in our office or, if requested, forwarded by mail or email. Our office assists people from throughout Michigan with legal documents. Secondly, you mention that you will need to start filing taxes. This is a matter that we would need to do some consulting with you on, but I would recommend that you get an accountant to assist you promptly. Depending on what business you may have conducted to date, you need to make an election to be a Sub Chapter S Corporation or to remain a C Corporation. This will affect your tax filing. I look forward to hearing from you. Again our lawyers can assist with this election.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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