Tenant Hasn't Paid For Rental

Question: How do I deal with a friend who has not paid agreed upon terms for a rental?

I leased my house in Stevensville, Michigan, to a friend. The contract states that she is to provide renter's insurance, pay $750.00 per month, and $750.00 security deposit. She has done neither and now the keys have changed hands. She is trying to get the electricity turned on for the house in which she has not paid. She says that I signed something that said she did not have to pay rent for 1 year (the term of the lease) due to an outstanding electric bill. I have not seen this agreement and I have not, nor would I, sign. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: It appears you have to file a lawsuit in your local district court for eviction of a tenant that has not paid your security deposit or rent. For the future, never provide keys to anyone that has not paid in advance. You must send her a 7 day notice on the Michigan State Form, see http://www.courts.michigan.gov/scao/courtforms/landlord-tenantlandcontract/dc100a.pdf Then after the seven days are up, file suit in your district court for possession, see http://www.courts.michigan.gov/scao/courtforms/landlord-tenantlandcontract/dc102a.pdf Good luck. From your description you have a difficult matter on your hands. I recommend you hire an attorney to help you.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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