False Seller's Disclosure Statement

Question: I purchased a home with a seller’s disclosure statement stating that the basement did not look, but this turned out to be untrue. What can I do?

I recently purchased a home in St. Joseph, Michigan. The Michigan required Seller's Disclosure Statement states that there is no water in the basement. The day I received the keys I found a large puddle of water in the basement. I have had two estimates to get repaired. Both companies have said this basement has been leaking for years. Do I have any rights? They are sticking to their disclosure that the basement never leaked; even though the owner stopped by and said that it happens whenever it rains heavy. Now they claim he is old and hard of hearing and did not understand what he was saying. Help!

Answer: Michigan State Law is pretty clear; the former owner is liable for false statements on the Seller's Disclosure Statement. If he doesn't pay, you can contact a lawyer to press the claim and file suit for you.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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