Cencel Lease Due To Job Transfer

Question: I just got transferred from my job. I had signed a six month lease on a residential property in Royalton Township, Michigan, and have to leave after 5 months. Are they legally able to charge me that last month rent?

Answer: Though to answer this with 100% certainty, we would need to review the lease you signed. However, that in itself along with legal research could cost one month's rent. So, at the risk of being too general, I would say that yes, the landlord has the right to expect the last month's rent to be collected. Usually this question comes up after the tenant has signed for a year lease and has to move after two or three months. There are strategies that we can use at times to try and limit the liability to a month or two, but in your circumstance I would say that you are probably liable for the last month and that you are fortunate that you did not sign a longer term lease. You made a good decision there. Good luck in your new job.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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