3 Days To Cancel Contract?

Question: Do I have 3 days (calendar or business) to cancel a contract I signed to purchase an item without having read the clauses which I now find unacceptable.

Answer: If you want to cancel the contract, then write a letter requesting cancellation of the contract and deliver it to the seller immediately. If you paid with a credit card, call your credit card company and reverse the charges immediately. Without knowing the specifics of the transaction or reading the contract I cannot determine if you have the right to cancel. However, I know that if you have the right you will very likely lose it if you do not request cancellation in writing immediately. You have a 3 day right of rescission for a home solicitation sale or a sale that did not take place in the sales person's regular place of business. You have a 3 day right of rescission on certain loans you take out.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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