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Question: Is there anything I should know before running a business out of my home?

I have a question. I live in Cass County. I want to work from home using my computer and phone. I will be working for a company as a broker. I will be signing people up for a card that gives them a discount on dental, vision prescription services. It is not insurance. The company I will be working for handles all the financial part. They handle all of the customer service. I will be marketing a web site and advertising. I will get paid from the company. At the end of the year they will send me a 1099 form. Are there any laws that say I can't do this? Is there anything I should know before I sign up?

Answer: Under zoning laws, what you are contemplating is called a "home occupation". Generally, so long as you will not put up a sign on your property, and do not have clients visit you at home, you can conduct a business from an office in your home. Once you start having clients visit or put up a sign, you have changed the character of what you are doing and need a formal "home occupation" permit or a "special use permit" from your local government (City or Township). Good luck with your pursuit.

Attorney: Mark Miller

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