After cancelling chapter 13 bankruptcy I notified my mortgage company, who I have not heard back fro

Question: I was in chapter 13 bankruptcy. It was canceled on my request. I notified my mortgage company, and to this date I have not received anything or heard from them. Can they start foreclosure without notifying me?

Answer: The mortgage company would have to give you notice of a foreclosure. However, notices have been lost. The foreclosure process merely requires advertising the foreclosure in the newspaper for five weeks and then the sheriff conducts a sale. Generally there is a notice posted to your house. These have been known to have been ripped off by others from time to time. I would have an attorney contact your mortgage company right away to negotiate to get them mortgage reinstated and a plan to bring your payments up to date. If you do nothing, they will probably foreclose. Mortgage companies look to you to contact them if there is a problem, I would not expect them to contact you. I have worked with them for years, be very diligent in contacting them. If they don't respond to a letter, write a second and third time. If they don't return a call, call again and again. And, always be polite no matter what, you are at their mercy at this point.

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